Cottonwood Park Condominium Association
These are forms used by the HOA and New Level Managers.  All forms are in PDF format. 

If you wish to email a form back but do not have a scanner, the forms can be filled out as a PDF and emailed back to us. 
Architectural Review Request 

If you would like to make a change to the exterior of your unit, the Architectural Review Committee must pre-approve the changes.  Print out this form and fill in all the information about the change you would like to make.  This should include any plants or materials to be used, pictures of a door style, paint colors to be used, and so on.  Send in the request to New Level Managers.  If you are sending color information or photos, please mail the request as these do not translate well on a black and white fax machine.

Change Request Form
window & door replacement
Automatic Withdrawal Request

If you would like to have your monthly dues taken out of your account each month via automatic withdrawal, print out this form, fill in the information and send it to New Level Managers along with a voided check.

Auto Pay Form

Emergency Contact Form
There are times when it is necessary to contact an owner.  Please make sure that we have your current address as well as home, work, and cell phone numbers.  Should your contact information change, or if you have a new tenant, please print out this form, fill in the information and send it to New Level Managers.  This information is for office use only and is never given out.

Contact Form